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Power Outage
Power Outage

If you have a standing pilot gas fireplace or stove, it doesn’t require electricity to activate the pilot flame and will light during a power outage.

In recent years, many gas fireplaces and inserts have been outfitted with an energy-saving intermittent pilot ignition system called IntelliFire or IntelliFire Plus ignition which requires electricity to spark the pilot flame each time the fireplace is used. These systems have battery backup systems that can be used to light the pilot during a power outage. Generally, IntelliFire systems require two D cell batteries, and IntelliFire Plus systems require four AA batteries. If you have a wireless remote control, or a wall switch with a display, find the control box in the lower controls of the fireplace or behind the stove. There will be a switch that slides between ‘ON’, ‘OFF’ and ‘REMOTE’ – slide this to ‘ON’ for the appliance to operate with the power off. If you have questions, consult your owner’s manual or local hearth dealer.

Batteries should be used as a power source only in the event of a power outage, as battery longevity can be affected by the temperatures of the appliance. So, when your power is restored, remove the batteries and keep them handy for the next time you may need them.

Remember that fireplaces and stoves make fire heat, so be sure no flammable objects are near them, and please keep children a safe distance away.

If your hearth appliance has been exposed to water in any level, contact your local dealer.