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Jeff and Debbie Luther

"The fireplace makes our home much cozier and more inviting when our family comes over. Thanks Fireplace Pros! - Debbie"

Christine and Tony Erickson

"The experts at Fireplace Pros helped us find a unique look. We look forward to gathering our family around the fireplace for many years to come! - Christine"

Cara and Eric DeHaan

"It’s our favorite place in the house, especially in the winter. We were concerned about finding the right fireplace and making it look good. But Fireplace Pros made everything so easy. - Cara. In fact, we ended up buying a smaller fireplace based on their advice! And the web site was super helpful. It allowed us to visualize how the room would look when it was done. - Eric"

Jim and Angie Nelson

"We loved our last one so much, we just couldn’t imagine being without one! - Jim. It just adds so much to our house! It keeps us warm in the winter and creates such a homey environment. It will always be our favorite room to hang out… - Angie."

Ali Baloun

"It’s warm and cozy…We love everything about it… I just couldn’t imagine our house without it!"

Drake Kary

"It’s the focal point in our house! It keeps us warm and the atmosphere it creates makes it our favorite room to hang out!"

Leasa Riggs

"We love the atmosphere our fireplace creates. The experts at Fireplace Pros helped us get exactly what we wanted…!"

Karen and John Schwartz

"We re-modeled last year and we had no idea how much we’d love it. It’s become the favorite room in the house for our entire family… - Karen. We’re really happy with how the entire project turned out. The experts at Fireplace Pros worked with our contractor, Tom Brewer, and made everything so easy. - John."

Jay Steinke

"Our fireplace is really cool. The guys at Fireplace Pros were very helpful-we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out…!"

Rob and Vickie Yager

"We relied on the expert advice of the guys at Fireplace Pros and we couldn’t be happier. It truly is our favorite room in the house!… - Rob. There’s just something about our Heat & Glo… The whole family really enjoys it… - Vickie."

Greg and Pam Sands

"The Heat & Glo fireplace is a great product. But I’m most impressed by the excellent service they provide at Fireplace Pros. That’s why I recommend them to everyone who asks. They do everything they can for the customer! - Greg. We just love our fireplace… It helps heat the house and it just makes for such a warm and cozy atmosphere! - Pam."

Dean and Deanna Versteeg

"We enjoyed our wood-burning fireplace, but the new gas insert from Heat & Glo is terrific. We even did some of the work ourselves and personalized it a bit. There’s no question, it’s our favorite part of the house, especially in the winter…"